Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's make an arrangement...

Just wanted to share these pictures...
I made these flower arrangements out of flowers found in my front and back yard. They are made up of Queen Anne’s lace, Yellow Primrose, Clematis, and backed by some Aucuba leaves.

These are made up of largely the same plants, Queen Anne’s lace, Yellow Primrose, Clematis,Aucuba leaves, but added is one single Hydrangea bloom.

This is an arrangement I did in a water bowl, with Peonies. I used their leaves to cover the other surfaces of the water that the blooms did not cover to give it a swampy or lily pad like look. I anchored the blooms in place by using riverbed pebbles in the bottom of the bowl.
I did these on a day when I was cleaning up the house and thought "Wouldn't it be nice to have some fresh flowers in here?"..but with prices of things what they are, did not dream of buying flowers. So I took a look around my yard and trimmed these. And the satisfaction of having done it myself made it all much better than anything that I could have bought.
Oh, and PS...our computer is still being repaired, so my blogging and e-mail hours are only during my office hours at work still. *sigh*

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