Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Calm before the Storm. Again.

Here we are, on the morning of yet ANOTHER major winter storm about to hit us here in the DC Metro area, and boy, aren't we all just so excited?
The latest updates from ABC 7 say:

"A Winter Storm Warning is in effect from Noon today through 7pm Wednesday for the entire region. There is the potential for 10 to 20 inches of snow across the region..."

This storm will be starting today after or around (still much debate on that matter) noon, and intensifying after 5pm, with the most heavy snowfall occurring overnight and into the morning. Just like the last storm. In fact, a lot of this sounds JUST LIKE THE LAST STORM.
Also, there is another thing about today and tomorrow's storm that is much more troublesome to hear than it's accumulation totals. The winds are supposed to be stronger than this past weekend's storm. Winds could crest around 40 mph. Yet again creating blizzard conditions.
Continued from ABC 7:

"Major concerns will be with the added snowfall combined with the stronger winds, more power outages will be likely and potentially more trees will come down. This in combination with the current snow-pack will have the potential for more roofs to collapse. While you can, be sure to go out and get added supplies such as flashlights and batteries, extra water and non-perishable food. This is a major storm and we want you and your family to stay as safe as possible through the next couple of days."

So be sure this morning as you prepare for whatever this current storm will bring that you secure any loose items on balconies or patios, charge your cell phones, make sure you have batteries, stock up on firewood, Have candles and flashlights in an easily accessible place, have sleeping bags and extra blankets out and ready, and make sure that you have plenty of food that does not require cooking. Power outages are likely, and something to expect rather than just hope you don't get.
So in closing, I'll keep taking photos and letting you know what's going on with the storm till I lose my power. I hope everyone is safe out there. Make good choices.
Here are some photos I took of this mornings sunrise. It was too calm, too pretty to resist. Also, I was happy to see the sun, and wondered how long until we see it again. Good Morning.

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