Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Icey Dicey Roads and Roofs.

Here are a few photos I snapped off my balcony last night as I watched with mounting humor the one,two,three,four cars get stuck on my street. First of all, all of the cars stuck were cars that NEVER belonged out in conditions like this. One was a little Mazda Miata. I understand how people have cabin fever (believe me I do), but when you take out a car like that, you are putting not only yourself, but everyone else out there in danger. Cars like that are not meant to function in weather like this, and are better left at home till we thaw out. Use your heads, folks.
OH - and while I'm at it - REMINDER (because I've seen it about a hundred times this weekend) - When you shovel out your car and brush it off - BRUSH OFF YOUR ROOF!!!!! You would think that it would not even need to be mentioned in this day and age, but it does. I have seen several vehicles driving around with 2 foot sheets of ready to go rear roof missle projectiles ready to fire at the car behind them. If you leave snow on your roof and do not brush it off, most likely it will freeze, thus becoming a hard missile. A hard missle that can slide off of your roof and go right through someone's windshield. This could easily kill someone. So take the extra 2 seconds and please, PLEASE brush off your roof.
Enough preaching for one morning. Sorry.

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