Monday, February 08, 2010

Insult to Injury

Yeah...the whole "LIVEBLOGGING" thing kind of doesn't work when you lose power. As you all know, we got a BUNCH of snow. No breaking news there. What really is getting me more nervous as the forecasts keep changing is the next storm. Like the last one, the accumulation indexes keep ramping upward. We really can't afford this kind of snowfall again so soon. (Well - I know I can't afford it! I have to actually work sometime in this month!)
This in from

"WASHINGTON - People are still digging out from the historic blizzard over the weekend that buried the region in up to 40 inches of snow. It knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people, thousands of whom are still in the dark, and is causing school closings into the week as many neighborhoods haven't been touched by plows.

Temperatures will hit the low 30s Monday and sunshine will cause some melting, but ABC 7 Meteorologist Chris Naille says don't expect the snow to go away anytime soon.

"We're not going to get rid of it completely, not by a long shot before another system impacts us."

The area is bracing for another storm Tuesday.

Naille says two storms will merge before dumping another 10 to 20 inches of snow throughout much of the region, except for areas further south which could see a rain/snow mix.

The snow will start around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. Tuesday and end by late Wednesday afternoon.

ABC 7 Chief Meteorologist Doug Hill says higher accumulations are possible farther north.

A Winter Storm Warning has been posted from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. "



Anonymous said...

Kinda funny how shopping carts manage to always grow out of the snow during a bliz.

Yep. Another 10-20 inches. I have been shoveling and carrying on for what seems like days, and now a NEW storm. I'll have large biceps and six pack abs like Janet Jackson. At least all that damn work'll pay off.

You take care of yourself, and I pray you not suffer from a lack of work.


Thanks anony-mouse. I hope your muscles grow and your troubles shrink!
Here we go again!!!!