Thursday, February 18, 2010

HIFI - Rehearsal Blog - Part 4; Opening Night

We had our last rehearsal last night, and tonight we open High Fidelity at DCAC. It has been a great experience thus far, and I am so psyched to be involved in the DC premiere of this show. I really have fallen in love with it. Here in these photos, you can see more of the full set, and can get some kind of idea what the record store looks like. So I hope all of you come on in for a vintage Decca! The other perks of coming to see our show, we are right across the street from Madam's Organ and also, my new favorite place on Earth: Jumbo Slice Pizza.
The neighborhood of Adams Morgan is so cool and diverse, and I really do love it. I saw this on Madam's Organ's website:
"Adams Morgan, gets it's name from the two schools that used to be located in this area; The Adams School and The Morgan School. In times of segregation, one school was designated for white people and the other for black people. The bringing together of the name represents the bringing together of the people. Now, the Adams Morgan neighborhood is much more than just black and white; it's a thriving and exceptionally harmonious multicultural society."
Cool, huh? I did not know that. Ok, so I will see you at the record store, folks!
For ticket info click HERE.


Googla Monster said...

Where are the best places to park to see the show?


There is a garage right across the street.