Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The snow is pouring down at a steady rate now as we await our THIRD blizzard of the season.
In good news, Jill and I dug my car out, of course, just in time for another dumping, but at least the old snow is clear in preparation for the new snow. Thanks so much, Jill - you are so amazing!!
Then Karissa came over bearing two bundles of firewood and a fine visit, and as always, my guy Friday, Fred was here several times to check in and make sure I was doing ok. I have the best friends on earth and thank everyone for helping me through strep snow weekend.
I feel TONS better after Aunt Val got me a prescription for a Z pak, and my throat pain is finally numbing down. The Frederick preview weekend of HIFI has been cancelled due to the weather, but it is probably for the best. We now have more time to concentrate on our DCAC opening.
In further weather news, the Metro is only going to be operating below ground tomorrow, and no metrobuses will be running, according to WMATA.
So tuck yourselves in, it's going to be a bumpy night.

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