Wednesday, July 09, 2008

August Candle News and Pricing Changes News!!

Due to popular demand and inquiry, my August design and scent will be the special design that I did back in the Spring, The beach themed candle. For those of you who don't recall, I took a picture of the beach while vacationing there this past winter, then crafted a candle design to match the picture exactly. The scents in the candle are Sun and Sand, Ocean Water, Ocean Breeze, and Midnight Beach. When you look at the candle, you glimpse what looks like an actual photo of the beach. I thought that this design was appropriate to the month of August, when everyone crams in one last beach trip before September begins and everyone goes back to school.
So bring the beach into your home for the last month of the summer by ordering your candles today at CANDLES BY STEPHEN.
The pricing has changed for candle orders, effective with the August candle orders.
I hate to raise prices, but along with everything else, the prices of my supplies have gone up in the past 5 months, and it is simply not cost effective for me to keep the candles at the old prices. Also, July will be the last month that you will be able to purchase a one year candle subscription. Effective August 1st, no more subscriptions will be sold. Current subscribers will be able to finish out their current subscriptions, and the price hike will not be reflected in either their current subscriptions, nor any others ordered before August 1st. I regret cancelling the subscription packages, but again, cost effectiveness is forcing my hand. So after August 1st, you may only order single orders or my package orders for the month.

The Star Pillar - ($10.00) - This candle measures 4&1/2 inches tall and is 3&3/4 inches wide. This candle burns for over 40 hours, but we recommend that it remain lit for only 2-3 hour increments at one time.

The Oval Pillar - ($8.75) - This candle measures 4 inches tall. This candle burns for over 40 hours, but we recommend that it remain lit for only 2-3 hour increments at one time.

The Votives (6 Votives = $10.00) These candles measure 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide. These candles burn for about 3 hours by themselves, and about 7 hours in a glass votive jar.

6 Tarts or Floating Candles = $10.00

1 Star Pillar with 2 Votives = $13.50
1 Oval Pillar with 2 Votives = $12.25
Deluxe Basket, with 1 Star Pillar, 1 Oval Pillar and 6 Votives = $24.75

That being said, pre-orders for individual AUGUST BEACH CANDLES begins today, so pre-order them at the new prices above at the CANDLE website. Also, the July Candles are still available at the former prices.

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