Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Up All Night with me: 7 things you always wanted to know...*but were afraid to ask*

So, I am putting this out there. Shameless self promoter that I am, I am asking you the reader to tell everyone that you know about my show,Insomnieoke, which runs July 18th and 19th and August 1st at Signature Theatre.
Times are hard, which means ticket sales are low for everyone. Here are a few things that you should know.
1) A couple of people have said, "How the heck do you say that title?" Here it is for you : IN-SOM-KNEE-OAK-EEE
2) The premise is simply this: I am awakened in the middle of the night by...something that I don't want to reveal before you see the show. I spend the rest of the evening (about an hour: I promise I won't keep you up too late) trying to get back to sleep through various methods, which lead me to different song selections.
3) Have you ever been in bed trying to go to sleep and you CAN"T GET A SONG OUT OF YOUR HEAD? It is enough to drive you crazy. Well...many of the songs featured in INSOMNIEOKE are some of those catchy feel good tuners that get stuck in your head.
The cabaret act features mostly pop music that spans from the 60's to today. There is quite literally something for everyone.
4) Though as the title implies, I am accompanied by karaoke tracks, these are not cheesy synthed up sounding tracks. I was amazed to discover in my research finding these karaoke songs that the quality was remarkably good. Sounding just like the original songs, actually. So it will be like I am singing to a live band that exists entirely in my head.
5), I promise you that I will not make you the audience sing by yourself, karaoke style.
Unless you really want to.
6) Parents: Can you bring your children? Umm...yes. I would rate this show PG-13.
If you need to ask me further questions regarding why, please e-mail me and I will tell you. I don't want to post spoilers on here. :)
7) Seriously. The tickets are CHEAP! $15 gets you great night of great music (Carpenters, B-52's, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Dixie Chicks, Amy Winehouse, George Michael, etc.)and what is shaping up to be a very funny premise. I am a cheap date. Come on.

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Julianna Mahley said...

We'll be there--on our wedding anniversary.


Which day will that be?
I'd love to dedicate one of the songs to you two!

Julianna said...

July 19. I can't believe it is our 39th anniversary.

Brandon said...

Will that be your costume, just you pj bottoms?


Julianna - 39 years? That's great!
Matt and I will be at 10 years this February, and I can hardly believe it - I can't imagine 39 years! :) Good for you guys!
Brandon - No..but somthing similar.
I want to spare the audience from the sight of my bare chest for the span of one hour.
Probably Boxers and a tee shirt.

Stephanie said...

You should add #8 -- I'll be shirtless ;)


Well, yes there is that, however briefly it occurs.
Seriously??? Is that a plus???
I don't really see it that way but am flattered someone else thinks that that is a marketable asset!