Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Bumpy Night...

So...how was it? I have to say, it was really cool to see this film with a large room full of people who know and love it. The anticipatory giggles that started to erupt during the INFAMOUS party scene were too much. Several of the famous lines:
"Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"
" Nice speech, Eve. But I wouldn't worry too much about your heart. You can always put that award where your heart ought to be."
- got rounds of applause. Even small looks from certain characters got huge bouts of laughter from the loving audience. I laughed at lines that I never thought of as funny, but couldn't help myself once sucked into the group mentality of the audience.
That all being said, we arrived there at 5:50pm, and we were the LAST people let in the door. This film was screened NOT in the theatre, but in a long area upstairs.

It was nice to see that Bette could still haul in a nice crowd. Of course, it was free. While in line, a youngish teen asked the gentleman behind me "What is the line for?", to which the man remarked, it is for All About Eve, a black and white film starring Bette Davis".
The teen said to his friend, "Man, let's go - it's not for a real movie, it's for an old movie."
Apparently old movies aren't "real".

We were very lucky that we just got let in the door. I will say that it was not the most comfortable temperature in there, and felt like there was no air circulating at all in the screening area. That being said, I would not have traded the experience for anything. The chance to see one of my all time favorite films on a big (ish) screen was priceless.

A full schedule (only two weeks left) of the Bette Davis film festival is available HERE. Mr. Skeffington is next Monday, August 4th, and...wait for it...Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?is August 11th. I will definitely be there if at all possible on the 11th! That will be TOO much fun!

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