Monday, July 14, 2008

Bring it..

Alrighty folks...
Gearing up for Insomnieoke this Friday night at Signature Theatre. I had a sound check with sound designer to the stars, Matt Rowe last night, and I have to say that the Ark will be rockin' for sure! We also worked on some other sound effects that will be...well...I think they will be hysterical to say the least.
My stuffed animals have been costumed by me and none other than the gorgeous and talented Amy McWilliams...

These stuffed animals will become characters of their own as the night plods into the depths of insomnia, and my own nightmare version of Mr. Rogers' Land of Make Believe comes to life in my bedroom.

The space is empty and in prep right now, but when you come this weekend, you will be stepping into my own version of my bedroom. I am so excited to share this crazy evening with all of you, and hope you will come and join me July 18th,19th, or August 1st.
Come and stay up all night with me this weekend!

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