Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tranquility on the Potomac

Matt and I are going out on the boat again tomorrow, and I wanted to share some more peaceful shots I have taken from other boat trips from this past Summer.

Matt loves this one solitary tree growing defiantly off of a rock in the middle of the Potomac. This is located at a spot called "Three Sisters", named so for the three large rocks in the middle of the river. I want to get a better picture of it tomorrow that is perhaps closer, so I will kayak out to the rock and get a close up.

I thought that this picture was dripping in romance. The small boat, the umbrella, the sun on the water. Heaven.
I picture them reading poetry to each other. *sigh*

Light on water is hypnotic.

The river bank of the Potomac is full of many interesting little nooks and areas. I loved this one. It looks magical for some reason.

Summer is winding down, with just one week of July and the month of August left. Enjoy every remaining moment of it.

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