Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christian the Lion

I am fascinated with this video of Christian the Lion. And yes, it is true.
Here is the link to the subject on SNOPES, WIKIPEDIA, George Adamson's Website, Christian the Lion's Webpage, and BORN FREE FOUNDATION's Website.
Being the animal lover that I am, you know how hysterically weepy I got when I saw this. They played it on the Today show the other morning, but left the end out, which I think is one of the most amazing parts.
And the cynical sub host David Gregory made fun of it. I wanted to slap him.
Anyways, enjoy if you have not seen it.
This was sent to me by both Lynn Filusch and my sister in law, Natalie.

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cheryl said...

Like yourself I've been obsessed with the story of Christian the Lion for the last several weeks after a friend e-mailed me one of the versions of the video. Here's a link to an article with even a bit more of the story.