Monday, May 05, 2008

Buddha Jones' Diary

(all photos by Channez McQuay)
Boo had his annual check up today at his vet, Caring Hands in Arlington. I love them, and they are always fantastic with him. He had quite the stressful visit there today, what with 2 different shots, blood taken, and his anal glands expressed!
He is currently passed out downstairs in bed, which is a sure sign that he doesn't feel good. When he is too pooped to watch tv, watch me work around the living room, or to see if I am eating anything of interest, he is definitely not feeling well. He always goes through this on vaccine days. It is hard on his little body.
He will feel much better in the morning. He always does.
What I found interesting was that in his exit papers that they give you for your own records, they include a weight history.
What this has told me is that my little Boo fluctuates in weight almost the same as I do. For him, it is 2 pounds that he fluctuates within, with me, it is about 10.
He is truly my dog.
Here is the weight chart:
10-10-06 20 lbs
03-27-07 18.60 lbs
07-21-07 19.60 lbs
10-17-07 18.20 lbs
10-31-07 18 lbs
02-21-08 21 lbs
05-05-08 20.20lbs

Well, like anyone else, he gains weight in the winter and loses weight in the summer.
Despite this fluctuation, our vet told me that he was in the best shape of any other pug that he has seen. He has seen adult pugs of Buddha's 5 year old age at 30 lbs!
So we are doing all the right things. His diet change (to an all natural diet that we cook for him: carrots, green beans, chicken, chicken livers, chicken gizzards, whole new potatoes) has done very well by his skin. He has not had half of the allergy flare ups that he used to.
So, that is the skinny on Buddha's Annual Check Up!

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