Saturday, May 03, 2008

A LOT late

I just randomly was e-mailed this little review of tick,tick...BOOM! that I never heard (you can listen to it on the site) or read (you can also read it).
It was on
It made me miss our little rock show.
Good night, Arlington.


Michael Clark said...

Thanks for the link. Do you often miss the shows you work on? Or would you prefer to be cast in something that has a long run? I can't imagine being in the same show for 8 performances a week for 6 months.


I do miss certain shows. I surely miss tick. I would LOVE to be cast in something that would have a long run. Think of it from my perspective, if you will: every time that a show is closed, i have to find another job. Shows give me 75% of my income, and when I don't have one, oh man it is rough. Especially with the economy and prices of things what they are. So YES, YES, YES, I wish and hope to be in a LONG RUNNING show!
:) Not that DC does a lot of those. And I don't really see a chance at getting cast in SHear Madness anytime soon. :(