Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Summer Home

I got a wild hair tonight to situate my back yard to it's usual summer form. I drained the pond and refilled it, swept the patio and pulled out old faithfull (the old tent).
Is this picture a snapshot from a moon landing? No. It is the skeleton of the tent.

I then cleaned off my summer throne and got it ready for many nights of movie viewing outdoors...(always the first film watched outside is JAWS.) It just seems right.

This is the finished result of my work.

Highlights include the line up of chairs (like at a 50's sock hop)...

I love this outdoor room that I create every year with small differences. This is my Summer palace.
Summer has officially arrived in the Smith/Conner/Halbrook house. The first outdoor movie showing of Jaws will cement this on Monday afternoon.
Goodnight, Arlington.

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