Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear readers,
I got this e-mail in, and felt the need to pass it on in it's entirety to you to let you know that the Shirlington/Signatue garage is still a mess with no explanation.

Please let me know what you find out w/ the towing. I was towed last Friday at 12:45 am and got there 5 minutes late after they towed me. Another person in the garage said they came thru and took 10 cars, mine being one of them. I called Federal Realty and spoke to a guy who claimed to be the manager at 301-998-8100. He was a jerk and said it was basically my own fault b/c there is a sign telling you that you will get towed. I pointed out there are no hours listed on the sign and that I was parked in a library spot from 8 pm to when I was towed and that I was told I could park there in the past since the library is not open. Anyhow, I called the tow company and they gave no help either. The manager at Shirlington Library agreed that it was a shame and she would look into it but don't call her for at least a week b/c she is really busy with other stuff. So anyhow, please let me know if you need anyone else to get involved in this and I will be more than happy too and please keep me in the loop of what you find out.

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