Saturday, May 17, 2008

Katie Smith - In Memoriam

My brother James' dog, Katie passed today. She and Rusty were the best of friends. This sad news comes 9 weeks to the date of Rusty's passing. Too soon.
Katie was the first Smith dog to be an inside dog. She was my brother's dog, and he insisted that she stay inside, and would not bend from that. Look at could anyone say no to that face?
Katie won all of our hearts, and soon came Rusty, and they became best buddies running through the yard and rolling each other.
I would like to think that they are doing that as I type this.
Katie was a beautiful creature, and as sweet as she could be. I will always remember her tender demeanor, but also remember her fierce barks when a stranger approached. She was an amazing creature all told.
I will always remember her and Rusty chasing each other in our back yard in Pennsyvania. The two of them running in green grass with skies of blue ablaze above them. That is where they are now. Reunited 9 weeks after Rusty's passing, running together again, Rusty bathing her in kisses as he always did.
God bless Rusty and Katie, together forever.
In Loving Memory.

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Gillian said...

I am so sorry! My love and thoughts are with your brother, you, and your family!