Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mighty Aphrodite...

Anyone in the NYC area around September 12th? Here's something you should definitely check out...
Beloved friend and diva, Lynn Filusch, will be playing the goddess Aphrodite in a showcase of the new musical, Choosing Helen.
The show will be at 7PM on September 12th at the Ensemble Studio Theatre- 549 W. 52nd St, Between 10th and 11th Ave., on the second floor. For reserved seating, comment on this post and Lynn will get in touch w/you, or, if you already know Lynn, you already have her contact info, don't you?
Check out more info about the show at...
If you have never seen my mighty Aphrodite perform, you should DEFINITELY check this out, NYC folks. She's amazing, and I worship the quicksand she walks upon.
And, in case you missed the comment from an earlier post, (the "Tit" thread), she ends a song with the line, "Look at my tits!"
That sounds like astonishing theatre to me, folks. I would definitely pay cash money to hear her sing that. Hey....wonder if she actually shows them?
Go and find out for yourself, September 12th at 7PM!!!

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