Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We'll sing in the sunshine..."The Tent"

It all started with the tent.

No, I retract. Summer starts for most theatre-folk with the Helen Hayes Awards. A lovely booze and honor filled mixer where, as Bette Davis says, "the elite meet".

It all started with the party there. The best time I've had in a long time...dancing, cheap food, and many rooms in which to avoid people. Or not.

I remember riding up the escalator on my way home, with Matty, yelling down at Tracy Olivera..."YOU SHOULD HAVE WON! WE DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!" Funny.

Then the tent. We were having a party on Memorial Day, and the forecast called for rain. Oh no. There were at least 70 people coming. Our house is very accommodating, but not without the yard. Thus the tent.

I went to Rite Aid to get some bullshit supplies. I spotted the tent. On clearance, $20. I could not resist.

This tent was the cheapest thing imaginable. Ugly, aluminum bones, green and white fabric. Ugh.

Yet, it served a purpose. This tent was predicted to fall 20 times this summer...yet STILL stands. Yes, it is in bad shape now, and should be taken down soon...soon as I can summon the strength.

The tent saved the Memorial Day party, and has given safe house to many a fun and debauched night. Since the tent will shortly fall victim to the coming season, I would feel silly not to start the summer recap without mentioning the tent, which has become a character in my summer...

I will miss this sad, $20 creature that has provided a shelter and a refuse from the rain and sun...RIP the Rite Aid tent..May-September 2005.


Anonymous said...

YO, Steve, I believe I was with you on the escalator, and you refuse to mention your loving roommate at all. Shame, shame, shame.

StephenGregorySmith said...

You expect me to remember that in the state I was in by then?

"Yes, My loving, often naked roomate Ryan was right there alongside his main gays, me and Matty.."
love you, stinker