Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We'll sing in the sunshine..."Pacific Overtures"...

Summer started with Signature's Pacific Overtures for me and Matty.
What an amazing cast and crew of people it was. It was like going home every evening when we went to the theatre. Truly one of the best casts I've ever worked in.
Whether you loved it or hated it, I don't care. It was a blast.
Discussion nights were a treat, too.
I particularly enjoyed an evening when I was commenting on Japan's current threatening rhetoric to China, and an audience member corrected me and told me that it wasn't true. Oh..right. Stupid little actor boy, me. Why should I dare talk about foreign affairs? After the discussion, a gentleman came up to me who was a liaison to the Chinese embassy and told me that I was exactly right. HAH! Take that, stodgy discussion night man!
On the final night of the show, during fight call, (my first professional gig doing fight/dance captain work!...shut up, it's a big deal to me), a certain actor came out for his fight in a complete Spiderman suit. HY-sterical. Following the closing night party, we had a watergun fight in the alley(compliments to Mr. Gartshore for bringing the firepower). It was the best cast party in a LONG time. I still remember me and Will running towards Donna, screaming, "LET'S GET MIGLIACCIO!" (Luv you, got us worse, of course).
Plus, step into this dreamscape...I got to attempt to rape my partner...while he was in drag...while we were both in Kabuki-drag...out of this world. (Nice work if you can get it!)
This show was the gateway to my summer, and also saw me halfway through it...I do miss it, even now. The thrill of singing "Advantages", "Someone in a Tree", and "Next" are experiences that I will never forget. No matter what ANYONE thought of the show, it was such an amazing experience..I many times am I going to to get to do that show? And it is one of Sondheim's most BRILLIANT scores. And the treat of seeing Harry Winter in drag every night..who could put a price on that?


Donna Migliaccio said...
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Donna Migliaccio said...

I'm going to email you a photo from "Pacific Overtures" that I think you will enjoy.


Clifton said...

It always warms my heart to see that, in this world of unflinching cynicism, SOMEone in the theatre A) is having a great time, and moreover B) isn't AFRAID or ASHAMED to say so.

Bless you, Mr. Smith. I'll see you soon..


Q5 Go said...

Pacific Overtures... isnt that the musical about that Japanese baseball player... Oh geeze... I always forget his name... Oh right I remember...

The top hitter on the New York Yankees last year.. Adickin Micheerios