Monday, August 29, 2005

We'll sing in the sunshine...'s that sad time of year when we say goodbye to summer.

Sure, everyone says, "I love the Fall.." ..yeah. too, but...

Spring and Summer are far sexier. You feel your most free during these months...or at least I do. I think it stems from that ingrained feeling of having summer off from school, proms, graduation parties, swim season, 4th of July, ect.

So, when we grow older, we don't have the same kind of events, but we usually invent our own. In the theatre-aspect of my life, I think of summer, and I think fondly and warmly of...One Red Flower....Footloose....Hedwig....Pacific Overtures...ect. Come on, fellow KNOW you associate timelines in your head by what shows you were doing at the time. That also breaks down into seasons. I won't ever be able to hear the score of Hedwig and think anything BUT having margaritas at Capital City on a gorgeous summer evening.

But hey...I'm ALL about the nostalgia factor. I get nostalgic for things that happened a few months ago. Just caught up in the drama, I guess.

I had many wonderful evenings and afternoons with many friends, seeing many amazing things this past summer. It truly was a special summer for me. (This picture is of the Potomac, from our friend's yacht, "Sweet Freedom").

For the next week, I will post random memories of the summer past, until we put summer to bed next week. (No...these posts will NOT be sappy. They mostly will be a chance o show off some great personal photography from this past summer). And no, these remembrances of a summer past will not be the ONLY posts I do this week. Just going with a theme that has inspired me at the moment.

One more week of summer, folks...make your memories while you can.

luv, red

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