Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Nemesis....Part 2

So I went back into the fray last night. Back to that foe of foe's lair. Back to the home of the demon seed personified by a 4 month old chocolate lab puppy named Molly.
I came fully armed. LOTS of beer. Lots of movies. A machete. (OK, not really).
And in addition to Rosemary's Baby, there was a toy poodle in the house...named "Ritz". Yes, like the cracker.
The night became about me trying to keep Ritz safe from Molly the terrible. Ritz was absolutely terrified of her. As the night went on, and on, and on, I came to an unexpected conclusion. I felt bad for Molly. Was this possible? Pity for Satan?
I started to liken Molly to many people I know. You know them too. People that want SO badly the attention that you could give them, but are cheeky in the way they try to achieve it, and in the end put you off. You wish so desperately that you could say to them- "Listen...this is NOT the way to win friends and approval.." but you can't. They are set in their ways.
All that Molly wanted to do was play with Ritz...and me...she just went about it the wrong way.
So when that way didn't work, she went on to chew the carpet....or my phone...or my boot.
Yes, folks, she IS just a puppy, I know that. But as many of you know, I have worked with dogs for the past 6 years, in various different companies....this is not just a naughty pup. She is seriously a troubled dog.
So I had a heart to heart with Molly, and I told her why her approach to play was wrong..(this was at 3AM, and after a few too many...wish I could have seen myself do this...)She listened to me intently...with a look in her eyes that I have seen in SO many dogs who want SO badly to please their owners. She lay there on the couch with Ritz and I and slept for awhile. I was amazed. I finally got to sleep, soon after.
When I woke up, my sock was gone. I feel sure that I will never see it again. I don't much care. I knew she just had to get one more dig at me. Have it your way, Molly. I've found your weakness, pup, and know that behind the scales and fangs and are just a confused pup.
Why am I writing this like she is going to read it? Do dogs read blogs? Blogs4dogs? I need to go sleep some more...none of this seems to make much sense.

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