Saturday, August 20, 2005

Urinetown....Buy your tickets now...they won't last!

I just want to advise all of you DC area people to buy up all the tickets you can to Urinetown, the Musical at Signature Theatre....I saw it last week and am going again tomorrow. It is a real treat...Will Gartshore is fantastic as Bobby Strong. This is some of his best work, I believe. Other usual Signature powerhouses turn in fantastic performances as well...(Sherri Edelen, Eleasha Gamble, Tom Simpson, Chris Bloch, Amy McWilliams are all standouts among a very talented cast), and Donna Migliacchio creates a hybrid breed of Mrs. Lovett, Ms. Hannigan, and the Mad Woman of Chaillot all rolled up into one as Penelope Pennywise. She is a hoot, and is worth the price of admission alone.
Go see this gem before you can't find anymore tickets!

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