Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nevermore by Matt Conner...Kennedy Center Showcase- 9/5/05-Millenium Stage at 6PM

Ok....shameless plug for my hubby's showcase of his show. But it IS free. And yours truly will be singing much of the music. The program will feature 4 singers (none of which are actually in the show) singing highlights from the piece.
Performing these gorgeous songs will be...Eleasha Gamble (my personal goddess), Jenny Soto (One of the most AMAZING voices ever...), Kurt Boehm (Guy who played the P.O.W. in One Red Flower...kinda looks like my little bro..), and me.
This will be the last free listen of this amazing come and see while its for free!

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Anonymous said...

We should speak with Matt about putting lots and lots of nudity in it. Titties, balls, and such.